b2b video creation

Is your team ready to create weekly marketing videos 

that put your company on the map?

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what will your team  learn?

In one week, your team will gain the tools to create

whatever video they need, whenever they need it.

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day 1

Video planning & strategy

First, we'll work with your team to develop your personalized video plan based on your goals, existing content, target audience and internal resources.  

day 2

topics & scripting

Next, we'll show you how to script your videos so that your audience stays engaged...for every type of platform and every type of video. 

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day 3

on camera communication + Filming

Everyone hates getting on camera...but what if you had the tools and hacks for feeling and acting confident in your videos?

day 4


Don't worry, we've turned the scariest part into a simple process everyone on your team can learn to do on their own. We'll cover how to take raw footage and turn it into a video you're proud to share. 

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day 5

engagement + seo

No matter where your videos are going, you want to make sure you're using best practices for audience engagement. Learn how to measure the ROI of your videos, get them to rank on the first page of Google and Youtube!

Length of training: 1 week

Max. participants: 8

Cost of training: $9,500

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what types of videos will

your team learn to create?

Imagine if your team could create these on their own...

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Ready for your team to start creating these videos?

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Meet Your Instructors

Sivan Felder

B2B Video Specialist

barak shachnovitz

aliza hughes

B2B Video Specialist

B2B Video Specialist

We use our expertise in video psychology, marketing, editing and audience engagement to take your marketing team from video amatuers to video pros. 

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