thought leadership video training

We'll turn your team's expertise into

thought leadership videos.

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You film your thought leadership videos using our unique scripting and filming system. Then, we edit the videos for you. It's as simple as that.

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Companies that produce thought leadership videos using our unique production system are able to create multiple videos for less than the usual cost of one video. 

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Allow your team to scale its video production by producing the videos in house, and outsourcing the editing to us.


how it works

We'll train your team so they're able to produce thought leadership videos on their own. Then, we'll edit the footage for you. (1).gif

You Film.

Our team of video specialists comes to train your team how to script and film engaging thought leadership videos on their own.

Our signature production method has been used by companies to create hundreds of thought leadership videos. 

We edit.

Once you've filmed your videos, all you need to do is send us the footage. Our team of editors will take your raw footage and send you back a branded thought leadership video that your company can share on every platform. (20).gif

See the results

Our clients have used their thought leadership videos to...

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Triple their number of qualified inbound leads...

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Attract 23,000 registrants to their corporate event...

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Rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms...

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Establish partnerships with key investors... 

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"TwoHeads gave us the tools to [produce videos] on our own...and be self sufficient.

Six months later, we're still [producing thought leadership videos] and still employ everything we learned from them!"

Liz Cohen

VP Marketing & Investor Relations


Ready to create thought leadership videos that achieve these sort of results?