Turn Your Expertise

Into Videos  

You have the industry knowledge.

Now all you need to do is turn that knowledge into videos your customers will watch.

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In-House Video Training

Best for: Marketing teams, product marketing teams, sales teams

Use Cases: Top of the funnel content for YouTube and LinkedIn, personalized videos to send to sales prospects,

product demos, and tutorials for customers.

Process: The TwoHeads video team creates your personalized video plan and then trains your in-house team to be able to plan, film, edit and distribute these videos on social media.

Deliverables: Your team will create impactful and engaging videos on their own, from start to finish.

Price: $9,500 

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Video Creation Sprint

Best for: Product marketing teams, HR, customer success teams

Use Cases: Creating a series of videos for a product launch, creating a series of recruitment videos, creating customer testimonials and case studies

Process: The TwoHeads video team scripts, films and edits four videos for a specific video series your team needs to create.

Deliverables: 4 completed videos (formatted for both YouTube & social media)

Price: $15,000 

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Webinar Repurposing

Best for: Marketing teams, Product marketing teams, Customer Success teams.

Use Cases: Creating a series of webinars with a customer, wanting to repurpose content for Social Media

Process: The TwoHeads video team trains the webinar or livestream host how to present on camera, and make it engaging for the audience. After the webinar, we edit it down to a 2 minute clip for social media (or Youtube).

Deliverables: 1 on-camera training; 1 edited webinar video clip for YouTube or social media.

Price: $999 


Which Option is Right for Your Team?

Choose which product best fits your team's needs.

In-house Video Training

Make any type of video

anytime you want

Video Creation Sprint

Make a 4 video series

for a specific campaign launch

Webinar Repurposing

Create and repurpose

an engaging webinar

On camera Training

Video Distribution Plan


Learn how to

film and edit


films and edits

Not sure which one is right for you? Schedule a call with our team to find out.

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