The Easiest Way to Produce Your Videos - Wherever You Are

It seems obvious but maybe it’s not.

We like to watch videos that feature people and situations that look familiar to us, that we can see ourselves in, that look like the world we understand.

So while in every other year in history we could relate to images of large crowds, people squashed together like sardines in a bar and *gasp* hugging, these visuals now seem very foreign to us, and we might even repel from them somewhat.

We recently spoke to Rachel Zalta, Global Lead the Creative Shop at Taboola, who shared that “audiences want to see their reality reflected back to them; if they are stuck at home, they don’t want to see fancy produced videos, they want to see authentic, home-made content”.

"Audiences want to see their reality reflected back to them."

So how can brands comply with current social distancing measures and produce videos that reflect back to audiences the reality that they want to see, with authentic looking content?

It might seem overwhelming at first, but producing a video remotely is not going to take up tons of time and resources, you just have to know the 2 most important things you need and which videos you want to create to make them happen.

What do you need to “Just Press Record”?

Let’s break down what you actually need to easily film a remote video that will resonate authenticity with your audience.

Phone camera

Pick up the phone that’s laying on the desk next to you. Open your camera app. Press record.

Seriously. These days, the camera on your phone is just as good as any professional camera.

You can go with the simplest route and just hold the camera and talk at it, selfie/story style. Or you can lay the camera horizontally against your computer screen to steady it and fake like you have a tripod. You may need to stack up a few books to get the right height, especially if you are standing.

Tip: AE/AF Lock is a phone camera feature that allows you to lock the focus and exposure values when taking a photo and video.

By setting the AE/AF lock function, you'll have consistent focus and lighting throughout your video.


Yes, we know, ring lights are all the rage. That little circle of light illuminating from your eyes is the sign that you’ve made it in the video world. But I can confidently say that you don’t need a ring light to be in the best light.

All you need is a well lit room. On any non-cloudy day, the light coming into a room is more than enough to light you for your video. Just make sure that the light is shining at you, aka you’re facing the window and not standing with your back to it and therefore putting yourself in shadow.

As you can see... when Sivan stands in front of the window, she is in shadow and dark.

But when Sivan faces the window, the light is shining at her and she is all lit up.

Next level equipment if you want...

We stand by our assertions that all you need to film is a phone camera and a well lit room but if you want to take your videos one step further we can recommend the following items:

Lav mic: If you want to make sure that your words are coming out crisp and clear, you can buy an inexpensive microphone that plugs right into your phone. We suggest something like this one by Boya.

Small tripod: If you want to steady your phone without having to use books or your computer, we suggest starting with something light and portable, like this one by Joby.

So what types of videos can you create with just this equipment?

Now that you know what equipment you need to get started, which videos can you easily create that will showcase your expertise or personality and connect with your audience?

Thought leadership videos

Thought leadership videos are videos that showcase your unique perspective and expertise about your brand or product. They are great for building credibility, trust and for showcasing authenticity because it’s just you looking at your audience face to face.

Thought leadership videos are some of the easiest to create since all you need is you and your phone.

Set up your phone on your makeshift tripod, or just hold it in front of you, and start talking.

Tip: Want to learn how to script your videos so your audience will actually pay attention?

Watch this video to learn how to script your video for maximum views and engagement!

Entertainment videos: Behind the scenes, meet the team, a day in the life...

That's right, your B2B audience is human. And that means they want to smile and enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone else.

You don't always need to educate or sell in your videos, you can use humor or a relatable situation to remind your audience that you understand what they want to see.

Have an event coming up? Show your audience what you are doing to prepare.

Have a new member joining your team? Showcase them and what job they’ll be doing.

Have a team made up of some pretty cool people? Show your audience what it’s like to work with them.

Just like thought leadership videos, these videos work best when they're filmed simply, using a phone for an 'authentic' looking production.

Interview clips

Some great videos weren’t originally meant to be videos. But that doesn't mean that the visual footage that you have can’t be repurposed for video.

Now that everyone is working remotely, podcasts, meetings, interviews are all being done remotely (on Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc) and can easily be recorded. Once you have the recording, all you need to do is edit it down to just include the content you want. A half hour podcast recording or interview can be turned into a few short videos. The bonus is that since you weren’t recording it as a video, you’ll have a more authentic look that your audience will really appreciate.

In this clip from the Radically Transparent podcast by Oktopost, Sivan helps Jennifer get into her best light!

Your individual videos aren't the only ones that can also be produced remotely.

Get your team in a remote video also.

Download our guide for the easy steps to produce a video featuring your team, no matter where they are!

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