The 7 essential skills you need to become a Twitter Rock Star

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

New to Twitter?

Don’t worry – this is one platform you will get to learn and love very quickly.

Even though there are a lot of bells and whistles on Twitter you don’t need a lot of experience to get started – this easy checklist is all you need to maximize your initial efforts.

Fast paced and fun – Twitter connects you to everyone you need to know.

What are those 7 Essential skills?

Hashtags and Profile

Twitter Chats

Tweet Deck

Twitter Media Studio

Unrolling App

Twitter Lists


1. Hashtags and Profiles

Yes, we know that hashtags and Profiles are not the same, but since so much has been written about them, we are lumping them together and breezing through them

Unless you have actually been living under a rock, you know about hashtags.

But here are the 3 C’s to keep in mind when you use them.

  • Capitalize the first letter of each word #ContentMarketing

  • Check the hashtag first before you use it – sometimes there are more popular variations, abbreviations etc.

  • Consider making a personalized hashtag like #TwitterSmarter or #Vidfluence, it is a good way for people to follow your brand

PRO TIP: Profiles, like on any platform should work for you. They are your prime real estate. For a more indepth look at creating a solid Twitter Profile, check out Jaey Baer’s article about that right here.

2. Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a public conversation on Twitter

  • · Centers around one a specific topic

  • · Occurs during a specific day and time

  • · Utilized a unique hashtag

  • · Connects a regular group of people (Think Cheers - the old TV show, where everyone knew your name)

What is good about a Twitter Chat?

You can gain useful information

Make friends

Establish relationships

Promote your social media presence

PLUS have fun all at the same time.

You get to meet people that are interested in the same topics and industries that you are, in an informal setting, and learn to express your opinions and interact with others, in real time, and on the fly.

There is a moderator or host or a few that ask questions to the group and then everyone answers, debates, argues etc the answers to those questions.

You can also offer a recap of a Twitter Chat you attended as a new tweet and tag as many people as you want to from the chat, and highlight what they said. Just another way to increase your Twitter presence.

RESOURCE: Most industries have a least a few twitter chats. Here is a link to what seems to be the largest Tweet Chat list available via

3. Unroll

When participating in a Twitter Chat, things might get hard to follow when everything is moving very fast.

And longer threads, with multiple participants are not always easy to follow.

But have no fear there is an app for that!

@Threadreaderapp – you just write @threadreaderapp unroll anywhere in the thread and the bot sends you an organized version of the tweet that is easy to follow.

You can also retweet it with a comment on your own timeline (again use (@threadreaderapp unroll) to keep things neater for the original poster.

4. Tweetdeck

Tweet Deck is a free platform from Twitter that allows you to see the whole of your Twitter experience at one time – on one page.

It looks like the set up for many posting platforms and allows you to track your competition, create lists, follow yourself – pretty much everything you need to create a great Twitter experience.

A really cool, often unused tool of Twitter Deck is The Activities column, which you can add, which highlights when someone from you follow on Twitter likes or responds to a tweet or follows another account. This is a great way to find new people in your industry to follow and connect to.

RESOURCE: For a more in depth look at Tweet Deck check out this article by Social media Today

5.Twitter Media Studio

Twitter media Studio is the place to you can look at all your videos and images on Twitter.

What is incredible about the Media Studio is inside it you can add in a searchable title, and a CTA in all your natively uploaded videos.

You can find the media studio by clicking on the 3 dots under your profile picture on your home page where it says more.

That will bring you to this page

And then this page – where you have all your Twitter Media Library set up for you.

That's where the magic happens!

  • You can change the file name (important for SEO)

  • You can change the thumbnail

  • You can add a title

  • A description

  • A category for your video

  • A call to action

FOR FREE! Very exciting!

RESOURCE: Watch our video on how to upload your videos on Media Studio.

And then there are the analtyics! - but that is for another day!


Gifs, short moving pictures, are an important element in creating the perfect Twitter experience. GIFS are available right from the start, as part of what you can use in your Tweets.

People use them to add humor to their own posts and as replies.

What’s cool about using GIFS as a reply is they are considered a comment and so give your reply more weight than a mere ❤️ and you don't have to overthink it or try to come up with something profound and insightful.

PRO TIP: Making your OWN GIF is a great way to personalize your responses and can be used over and over again.

Making your own GIF is super easy using either pictures or video.

You can also make GIFs from some some of your landing pages or screen shots, or really just about anything you want to share.

To create personal GIFs first look at the list in the GIFs given to you by Twitter to see what the top categories are, and what you think will be a typical response for you.

Then make your own using the categories most relevant to your responses.

Keep your GIFS appropriate to your brand colors and attitude and you can create some winning responses.

Head over to GIPHY to make your own.

Or use Canva and overlay words on a short video clip. Works pretty much the same as a GIF in Twitter.

And last, but most definitely not list, make use of Twitter Lists.

7. Twitter Lists

Are lists you can make on Twitter of anything and everything you want. The lists can be public, meaning others can see them, or private for your eyes only.

  • You can have people on the list that you DO NOT FOLLOW.

  • You can have a list of competitors

  • A list of business you want to start connecting to

  • A list of your favorite influencers

You can find other people’s lists by clicking on the three dots on the their profile page

It brings you to a drop down menu like this

And then you can click on their lists and see what they have.

RESOURCE: Want to learn more about how to optimize your Twitter list usage? Check out this great article by Madalyn Sklar, the Queen of Twitter.

So there you have it. The 7 basic concepts you need to get started on your Twitter Journey. This is by no means the whole enchilada, but it will give you a good basic start on this platform.

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