How to Research Your Way to Spectacular Social Media Growth On Twitter

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

You comment and like posts on your feed every day but growing your audience organically seems to move as slowly as a sloth crossing the road. (For some perspective, a sloth moves at one foot a minute. It will take him a long time to get to the other side.)

So how do you move that arrow upwards?

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

PRO TIP: Don’t just comment on the posts in your feed. If you ONLY use your feed, it will take a loooong time to grow your connections and increase engagement

Sure, you could follow the advice of many social media experts who recommend against counting likes and followers, but we both know - more followers means more engagement. Plain and simple.

The question remains: how much is enough for noteworthy engagement and growth on social media?

A recent study by Neil Patel reveals how much social media engagement you will average per every 100 followers.

And guess what?! You are lucky if you get two visitors a month to your website with that amount of followers.

So what kind of research do you need to do to meet people that will benefit from your business and become part of your insider network?!

You will be using unique tools on each platform, but always looking for the same idea:

You want to find people who:

  • Actively engage with content

  • Are interested in your topic

  • Can become part of your network

Ready to get started?

5 Growth Strategies Using Twitter

Even if you don’t have an account and don’t plan on using one, still start with Twitter.

Why? Because Twitter happens in real time.

The most recent online interactions, data and articles surrounding any given market can be found on this platform. It's a fact.

1. #Hashtags

First do some research on which hashtags are the most bankable.

Those are the hashtags that are most used in your niche and will help you discover others with shared interests.

Twitter gives you 5 categories to look at: Top, Latest, People, Photos and Videos.

Look at the TOP responses first and see who is using that hashtag and the kind of responses they are getting. Are they people and businesses that are related to your product or service. Are the competitors or potential clients? Check who puts out genuine content using those terms.

Then look at LATEST, when was the hashtag last used. If it was used one year ago, maybe other marketers in your field have moved on to a different hashtag, which makes this one less likely to be found by customers.

PEOPLE is next. What types of people are regularly interacting with that hashtag? Again are they people you want to follow or people you want to develop as customers? Each type has its own benefits.

PHOTOS and of course VIDEOS connected to that hashtag can present incredible opportunities for your business to shine as those two areas are often overlooked as areas where you can begin to build relationships.

2. Twitter Lists

Another great way to search for rock-solid information on Twitter is to look at lists.

Go into an influencer in your field’s profile and check out their lists.

See who they follow! Who subscribes to their lists?

This will enable you to identify new people to engage with.

Then make your own list that focuses on your topic of interest and include people you want to keep tabs on. (and you can even add people you don’t follow but want to watch)

Then keep track of all the behind the scenes action they take to build their professional network by watching what they post.

3. Tweet Deck

You can also get ahead of the networking game by using Tweet Deck, a free platform from Twitter. It allows you to see the whole of your Twitter experience at one time – on one page.

A don’t miss section inside of Twitter Deck is The Activities Column, which highlights the likes and responses of someone you follow on Twitter.

You can also highlight your lists here to easily access all the action that is taking place among those you follow on your lists.

Using Twitter Deck to get a quick and efficient overview of your marketplace is an effective way to find new people and grow your community.

4. Commenting on Tweet Response

Another clever way to gain more connections through searching on social media platforms is through indirect commenting.

After you like an influencer’s post, comment on a comment.

Engage not only with the influencer themselves, but with someone else who is reacting to that post.

The best is to look for people who have some authority (between 1,000 to 10,000 followers) because they will be more inclined to respond to you.

Once you start a conversation with them, chances are they will also look at your profile and posts.

It might not happen right away because authentic relationships take time, but it does open doors to new connections.

Exploring the influencer's feed and commenting on other posts in his or her feed that you think are valuable is a reliable way to find bona fide leads.

5. Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a public conversation on Twitter that centers around one main topic and uses a specific hashtag.

During the chat you can gain useful information on a particular subject, increase your authority by answering the questions in the chat in an honest and informative way and establish professional online relationships by interacting with businesses in real time. (Click here for a complete list of Twitter Chats.)

When the chat is over you can also offer a recap of a Twitter Chat, highlighting what others just said in a new tweet and tagging those businesses and individuals.

Tagging people you just chatted with and highlighting their expertise is a well respected way to boost your own online authority and simultaneously gain new followers.

With 145 million users daily focusing on your Twitter relationships can help you build the kind of successful interactions you want for your brand and business.

But if Twitter is not where your customers are hanging out - read this blog on improving your social media network and engagement on LinkedIn!

You Need and Audience to Grow an Audience

It really only takes 10-15 minutes a day per platform to engage with your audience.

Don’t forget the actual value of engagement is not always clear. There are vanity metrics that focus on like, views, and amount of comments, but those do not tell the real story.

100 people could give you a thumbs up but never really become part of your tribe or a purchase anything from your company. On the other hand, there could be one or two lurkers, who never comment, but who actually become clients.

Valuable engagement is not all about what you see. On the flip side, the more followers and connections you have, the more potential there is for your product or service to get to the right address.

So get out there and start commenting yourself! YOUR well thought out engagement strategy will bring you more engagement, more followers and ultimately more leads.

Want more simple and effective ways to engage?

Check out our newest video that highlights 3 innovative ways B2B video marketing experts triumph over audience boredom.

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