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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Sounds crazy right?

So you’ve been posting your videos to YouTube and maybe you are even starting to gain some traction in terms of views and comments. That’s great! But now you are ready to take it to the next level - you want the videos you are producing as part of your video marketing strategy to rank on the first page of YouTube.

Is that even possible? YES IT IS!

Here are 6 TIPS that can help your videos rank higher on YouTube than people that have 10X the subscribers.

1. Choose your topic wisely

2. Optimize the back end of the YouTube dashboard

3. Make sure your title includes the keyword you want to rank for

4. You need a video description for SEO

5. Include the right Metadata

6. Don't forget tags

PRO TIP: If you want to check out the data on your own YouTube channel you have to be in incognito browser.

Here is how to optimize your video for the YouTube algorithm and increase the ROI of your video marketing campaign.

Tip #1 Choose Your Topic Wisely

Topics for your video should be chosen carefully. Just because you think the behavioral habits of successful billionaires is interesting, doesn't mean everyone else does.

You have to choose a topic that appeals to your audience AND one that you have a chance to rank for that keyword.

For example in one video TwoHeads wanted to rank for, we chose the keyword "video script" because it had decent traffic BUT it wasn't over saturated.

Check out this link here for the full enchilada 🌮 on how to choose your topic.

Tip #2 Optimize the Back End of the YouTube Dashboard

After you upload your video onto YouTube you will be in the back end of the YouTube dashboard where all sorts of exciting things take place.

You have to fill in all the details of the dashboard correctly to optimize your video marketing YouTube strategy.

Keep in mind that YouTube works exactly like a search engine. Unlike other social media platforms, the benefits of video marketing on YouTube is that your content is easily found through the search bar. You want to take advantage of that by utilizing all the tools at your disposable.

Tip #3 Make sure your Title uses the Keyword you want to Rank for

The title we wanted to rank for was VIDEO SCRIPT.

Therefor the title needed to use that exact phrase, plus any other terms that could help YouTube and YouTubers understand our video intentions.

Therefore we added the phrase 4 Simple Steps. because there is a lot of competition for this keyword BUT that perspective is unique. Short and simple.

The more specific you can while at the same time using the least amount of words - the better. So - How to Write a Video Script for Social Media (4 Simple Steps) was born.

Tip #4 SEO Needs your Video Description to work well

YouTube also asks for your video description. Here again you want to make sure you use the keyword phrase you want to rank #1 for, plus a detailed outline of what you will be talking about in your video.

PRO TIP: You can reuse your detailed outline in the body of your video post. And add 3 hashtags into that copy to facilitate even easier search-ability of your topic.

Tip #5 MetaData AKA the Filename

On the top right corner of the back end of your YouTube channel is a place to add the file name or your video. Again you must make sure the name includes those keywords you are looking to rank for.

In order for this to happen you have to save it onto your own computer with that name so when it uploads the filename appears the way you had intended.

PRO TIP: Of course you can always rename it before you click on it - but the name you have saved it under is going to be the filename on YouTube.

Tip #6 Don't forget the TAGS

The TAG box is in the lower left hand corner of the dashboard. That is where YouTube gives you space to add in more keyword phrases.

Start with the keyword in your title.

Add more keywords that are broadly associated with your keyword

Tag your business.

For a more in depth look at tagging - check out BackLinko's article.

PRO TIP: Even if you don't rank for number #1 check out the reach of your video with YouTube analytics. Look under Traffic Source Types to see what percentage of people watching found your video through keyword searches AND what keywords you are showing up for.

So there you have it, 6 tips that can move your YouTube Channel into gaining more subscribers and generating more leads.

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