How to Build the Best Engagement on LinkedIn

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Now that there is more to do than just like or comment on a LinkedIn post, the exact definition of what is a desirable rate of engagement on this social media platform is slightly less clear.

Engagement on social media is broadly defined as the total number of clicks/plays + shares + likes + comments + follows + impressions a post gets.

However calculating the rate of engagement is dependent on what digital marketing term you are comparing.

Perhaps your marketing team is looking at engagement rate as the Total Engagements divided by Followers or perhaps for your team Total Engagements divided by Impressions.

However, anyway you slice it, as a marketer you should know that overall LinkedIn engagement has increased 50%, year over year, with 2020 showing no signs of declining.

So how do you make the most out of the 620 million professionals on this platform?

How do you find and engage with the people best suited to be your customers?

7 Growth Strategies for LinkedIn Networking

You need a little more patience for social media engagement research on Linkedin, (as opposed to Twitter) but with a little elbow grease you can yield an incredible amount of information and increased post engagement.

1. Search Job Titles

Searching job titles is a fantastic opportunity to connect to other people that are important in your industry.

You can further narrow down the search by filtering for location, connections or specific companies. Different companies have varying titles for the same job description so look for all of the possibilities when searching for a job title.

If the person has 5,000 followers or more, start off by commenting on their posts before you send them a connection request. (Which you can even do on your phone btw)

That way they know who you are before you ask to be part of their community. When you do send a request, make it personal.

Reference someone you both know, or something they recently wrote, or something interesting in their profile. Be Specific!

PRO TIP: Do not SELL your services 2 seconds after you requested a connection. As a matter of fact do not sell your services at all. If you build it – they will come.

2. People Also Viewed

When searching for people on the right side of the page, you will get a list called “people also viewed”.

These are other professionals with similar credentials that you could potentially reach out to. Make sure you look at their full profile before you connect and add something personal to the note you send when asking to be part of their network.

PRO TIP: Want to generate leads from all these LinkedIn Connections? Check out our YouTube Video that tells you exactly how to do that!

3. Search For Post on a Specific Topic

LinkedIn gives you 7 categories under their search bar: People, Jobs, Content, Companies, Schools, Groups and Events.

Searching through People, Content and Events can yield spectacular results.

First put the keyword you want to research in the search bar and hit content.

Then look at the posts that have the most comments and reactions.

This can help you find people who would be interested in similar topics and ideas.

Then click on the number underneath the post to see all the people who have reacted to this post.

That button will bring you to this page.

You can scroll through and click onto various profiles of people who could be potential customers, if you can’t figure out by their job titles which connections could be right for you.

You can also look at the people who commented and see which comments reflect the kind of engagement you want to attract.

Once you find people that are also interested in your kind of product or service, begin commenting on their posts. Again, don’t be stalkerish. Comment first on what people wrote before trying to connect.

4. Search Businesses

A lot of information can be gained by searching a business and then looking at who is part of that company. Although businesses pages themselves are not yet really relevant on LinkedIn, who works there is. On each business page is a link to the people that work there.

This leads you to a list of employees – where you can search for the person most relevant for you to connect to.

Then start your relationship by commenting on their posts. Do this for at least 3 posts before you ask to be connected.

5. Employee Advocacy

2020 has changed the way businesses interact with their employees and the emphasis that is being placed on employee satisfaction, sustainability and success. Additionally 30% of a company’s engagement on LinkedIn comes from employees. So it makes sense to see who your employees are engaging with and what kind of posts you could create that would appeal to that specific audience.

If your business is small, or you are an entrepreneur, then you want to see what employees are the best advocates for the business you are researching and connect to those individuals.

Networking with employees will give you even more insight into the kind of ideas and activities the employees of your targeted business values. Employee Advocates are thought leaders in this space and can greatly improve your understanding of a business’s focus.

6. Seminars, Lives, Events etc.

Another great way to find potential customers is by looking at the speakers for events and/or webinars in your field.

Use the speaker profiles and posts as a jumping off point to discovering even more experts in your niche.

First follow or see if you can connect to the main speakers.

Then use step 3 to find more audiences that are connected to the original speaker.

Again you are focusing on topics and individuals who are insiders in the field you want to explore and who have the ability to be either customers or thought leaders you want to be part of your social media network.

7. Join Groups

Groups have not really taken off but they are still a good way to find out about new topics being discussed in your industry and what other people are posting about. Of course you have to join the group to be part of the discussion.

Two important numbers to keep in mind while growing your LinkedIn community:

90 million senior-level influencers can be found on this platform,

and 55% of them use LinkedIn content to vet the business they are considering using.

So growing your connections and followers on LinkedIn is a surefire way to building a world class social media network for your business.

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