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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for getting high quality leads from companies, C-suite executives and decision makers.

So how can you generate hundreds of high quality leads from your LinkedIn Feed?

Use video marketing!

Take advantage of the fact that the platform is booming and you can still get tons of organic reach from video marketing that can quickly turn into quality leads.

Do these 6 things to see immediate results!

1. Do NOT use the video to promote yourself or your services

2. Choose a topic that your current audience finds valuable and relevant

3. Keep your video SHORT (1 minute or less. Nope, not kidding)

4. Add subtitles - (not sure how to do that - check out this post that explains things in detail!)

5. Add a title bar

6. Write a compelling post

PRO TIP: There are 61 million senior level executives and 40 million company decision makers on LI and they all want answers

A couple months ago, TwoHeads started uploading all of the videos we were creating for social media onto LinkedIn. And trade secret, we didn’t actually have a plan or even understand how powerful the platform was.

Our video marketing strategy - post one video once a week.

A lot of the videos we posted got thousands of views and a lot of engagement.

But even MORE impressive was the amount of high quality leads we generated from the platform.

From just posting 1 video once a week!

After we signed our first high paying client from LinkedIn, we realized we had stumbled onto something big for video marketing.

6 Guidelines For LinkedIn Videos

#1 Do NOT promote your service or business in the video.

In fact, don’t talk about what you do at all.

No one cares about your product or your service, and talking about yourself is the fastest way to lose the attention of your audience, and get them to not reach out.

If you want to generate leads from your videos, stop talking about yourself, and focus on your audience.

#2 Choose the right topic for your video

What does that mean? For starters, Do NOT begin by creating motivational or inspirational content. You’ll probably see a lot of videos like that on LI, but the truth is that when you’re just starting out posting videos that’s not the way to attract an audience.

Being motivational will not help you generate leads because no one knows you or trusts you yet.

Instead focus on giving your audience FUNCTIONAL VALUE as part of your video marketing plan.

Functional value is an idea, concept, tactic, or strategy your audience can USE today.

PRO TIP: Unsure how to come up with topic ideas - check out this blog post 100 TOPICS in 10 Minutes.

One of the first videos we did was on how to Create Subtitles on Videos. This was a question we got asked over and over again. Along with how to Increase Facebook Engagement.

The whole point of video marketing is to get people to watch, comment or share your video, so that your post will go a lot farther, faster. And the way to do that is to PROVIDE VALUE.

#3 Keep your Videos SHORT

When you’re starting out, your videos should be one minute or less.

Sure you have a lot of great information to share, but you can't do it all in one video.

You've probably heard of the KISS principle. Well use it here.

Practice Keep It Simple, Stupid

The truth is that most LI videos aren’t watched for more than a couple seconds, and LI counts a view as 3 seconds, so make sure that you’re getting to the important part of your information at the beginning of the video.

If you spend the whole time introducing yourself, you’ll just lose your audience.

The point is to get your audience to start engaging with you, and the shorter you keep your videos, the more likely people are to watch them, the more likely they are to engage.

#4 Add Subtitles

We cannot stress this enough!

85% of videos on social media are watched without sound.

And on LI, 41% of users say that subtitles on a video make them more likely to watch it.

You could create the most incredible video, but if you don’t add subtitles, chances are you'll lose most of your potential audience.

Making this one tiny change can have a HUGE impact on the success of your video marketing effectiveness, and the chances that people will watch it.

And getting people to watch your video is, again, the best way to ensure that it turns into potential leads.

RESOURCE: If you want to learn how to add subtitles quickly and easily to your video with some free options, then check out this video. And remember to add the #closedcaptions hashtag to your posts.

#5 Add a Title Bar

A title bar is a like a title at the beginning of your video that tells your audience what to expect.

If you don’t tell your audience what your video is about or why they should bother watching it, then they won’t.

Again, it’s all about understanding human psychology.

A captivating title bar lets your audience know that they will actually get value from spending some of their time on your video, and it will encourage them to stop scrolling.

In fact, if your title bar is effective, your audience won’t even need to watch the whole video to get value from it. And that's okay.

And again - the more value you provide, the more leads you’ll generate.

#6 Write a Compelling Script

Write a compelling video script.

Scripts should

  • Have a hook,

  • Begin with the End

  • Be short

  • Provide 1 to 3 specific pieces of FUNCTIONAL VALUE



Read more about this formula on our blog post about writing a script here.

Bottom line - the goal of using LinkedIn videos as part of your video marketing strategy should be to provide specific information in a way that your audience wants to consume.

So grab your phone, write a script and get out there.

Unsure of what topics to start with - Check out this VIDEO.

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