Create 100 Video Topics in just 10 Minutes

Updated: May 26, 2020

You want to create engaging videos to promote your business, establish authority or become an industry thought leader… but what topics should you make your videos about?

How do you even come up with enough ideas to generate content week after week?

Coming up with video topics that your audience is excited to engage with is the first step to your video marketing strategy!

Here are 11 simple ways to generate hundreds of content ideas, in just a few minutes!

1. Brainstorm a list of problems your audience/target client is currently facing

2. Re-purpose existing blog posts or content that you already have

3. Crowd source the most common topics in relevant Facebook groups

4. FAQs you get in your business and then answer them.

5. Create a list of products related to your industry and review them for your audience.

6. Showcase industry trends

7. Document any process that is part of your business

8. Ask your audience

9. Look at your competitors

10. Use on online generator

11. 23 types of videos to create

PROTIP: Download our FREE VIDEO STRATEGY TEMPLATE to get started. Here is a step by step guide to coming up with hundreds of topics for videos, so you never again think “What in the world should I talk about?”

Make sure you read until the end where there is a bonus list

of over 21 types of videos you can create for each topic!


The very first topic generating you should do is based on who your target audience is.

You have to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE to create engaging topics for video marketing on social media.

Creating your desired audience avatar is the first and most important step.

Not sure who your audience is - use this FREE TARGET MARKET WORKSHEET that helps you break down your customer persona.

Once you have that down - brainstorm all the problems your potential customer is facing.


On a sheet of paper start write down at least 5 problems your ideal client is facing and how can they solve these problems on their own.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, perhaps you know that your potential customers are struggling with designing a logo, or figuring out what colors to use for their brand, or not sure what font to use for their brochure.

Are there platforms or websites they can use to design a logo? What things should they keep in mind when choosing colors?

PRO TIP: Instead of selling your services, offer insight into how they could solve this problem on their own!

By sharing this information with them in a tutorial and showing them how to do things on their own, you position yourself as an expert and become the person they remember when they think about this topic.

YOU are the person that they now trust, because you gave them something without asking for anything in return.

In the future, when they’re ready to pay a designer to do the work, it’s almost guaranteed they will come to you!

Ka-ching 💰 your first video marketing technique that you can do for FREE.


If you’re new to video marketing, but you have lots of blogs or other types of content, just use them as topics for your videos! No need to reinvent the wheel, just re-purpose what you have as part of your digital strategy.

Let’s say you are a baker and you have dozens of pictures of how to decorate a cake.

Your video marketing strategy could start with something as easy as making a short video reusing those photos.

RESOURCES: You can make short 1 minute videos with these FREE Apps: Quik, Magisto or FilmoraGo. Animoto is also good but it is only free for educators.


Find FB groups where your ideal customer hangs out and listen to what they talk about.

  • What questions get asked over and over?

  • What topics come up again and again?

Use these questions as a way to generate ideas for topics for your video marketing plan.

For example the topic that came up over and over again on our FB group was questions about how to add subtitles into a video!

So we made a whole video about it which you can access here or read about here.


Providing answers to your customers burning questions positions you as The Expert in the field and doesn’t cost you a dime.

If you’re a fitness instructor, maybe people ask you all the time how to do a certain exercise.

Or what they should eat after a workout, or how to order from a menu when they are going out.

Answer those kind of questions in your videos and your video marketing strategy is starting to take shape.


Make-up artists do this all the time. They review all the best lipsticks you can purchase at the drug store and how they compare to more expensive brands.

If you’re an exterminator, review the types of sprays or gels people can use on their own, or even natural DIY ideas that can help them get rid of ants.

What software, products, websites, etc exist that you can review and break down for your audience?

Tutorials and roundups are great choices for the beginning of your foray into video marketing for your brand or your business.


  • What’s hot in your industry right now?

  • What are people talking about?

  • What things are changing, or growing?

  • Go find the top trends and then make videos about them!


If you’re just starting out and thinking of all the different components you need to create a business, just start documenting what you’re already doing!

If you’re a video editor, just screen record some of the things that you’re editing.

Or if you’re a makeup artist, do a time lapse of you applying makeup on a new bride!

Get used to creating videos, but without the stress of having to plan them out meticulously.

Live videoing while you are actively doing something with your product or centered around a process you have to do, is also a fantastic concept to add to your video marketing tool box!


Don’t be afraid to ask customers, either online or in person, what they would be interested in hearing about.

You can even go one step further and ask your contacts on LinkedIn or Twitter, even if they aren’t potential clients. Sometimes people’s answers who are not in the business can offer lots of insight.


Don’t freak out - we aren't saying to copy someone else’s content. But it is good to see what is out there and maybe instead do something else. Or talk about the same topic but with your personal twist on the idea.

If you are in real estate and everyone is talking about staging tips for selling maybe do a video on how to calculate your mortgage instead.

In other words look for areas and topics that aren’t over saturated or offer a new view on an old topic.


Besides for being a lot of fun, these online topic generators can help with brainstorming techniques too. You can generate a lot of interesting subjects to write about without the usual stress and mess.

RESOURCES: Try these online generators Hubspots, or this one by Moz.


Here is a list of 23 types of videos (check out our in depth post on this) or video formats you can create once you have the 100 topics. And you can use these formats to come up with even more topic ideas for your video marketing strategy!

  • Episodic

  • Vlogs

  • Hacks

  • How to videos/ tutorials

  • Relatable Lifestyle stories (showing the product being used in “real life”)

  • User generated content

  • Thought Leadership

  • Unboxing or Product review

  • Roundups or Product comparisons

  • FAQs

  • Social Proof (includingTestimonials)

  • Case studies

  • Events

  • Product demos

  • Live Demos

  • Checklists, polls, surveys

  • Contest

  • Free consultation

  • Podcast that is a video

  • Blog that is made into a video

  • Webinars or trainings

  • Virtual classroom

  • LIVE

  • Promotional video

  • Animated Explainer

Once you generated 100 video ideas you can start planning out your social media content calendar and make a commitment to film consistently.

With 100 video ideas you will have 2 years of content in no time!

Now the only question is what topic are you going to use for your next video?

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