Craft the Perfect Video Script using these 5 Steps

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

So, you posted a video to social media, but no one is watching…

Don’t worry. You’re not the first person that’s happened to!

How do social media influencers like Nas Daily and Jay Shetty get people to watch their videos on social media?

It’s no secret that, while Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are great places to post as part of your video marketing strategy, the average video watch time is incredibly low.

PRO TIP: We’ve studied hundreds of social media videos to understand how to create ones that people actually watch and turned what we’ve learned in to a script formula

In fact, on FB and LI, a “video view” is only 3 seconds… 😳🥺

So how can you get people to actually watch your videos on social media?

How can you get them to stick around for more than 3 seconds? 🐠

This script formula for video marketing optimization has consistently helped us get our average video watch time on social media to over 15 seconds...which is pretty crazy!

The 4 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Script

Step 1: Find your Target Audience

Who is this video geared towards? You don’t have to tell us who you are talking to, (especially if you made if for your mom or your girlfriend.) But you had better know. And you had better make it clear to your audience. (that this video is for them!)

You think you want to appeal to everyone - but remember, everyone means no one.

The more specific your focus the better.

Jay Shetty, for example does this really well. He often starts his videos (or titles them) with “If you’ve ever been dumped, watch this” or “If you’ve ever been fired, watch this”.

That way the viewer immediately knows by the title if the video content is right for him or her.


Step 2: The Hook

Start at the end.

Don't even waste time showing off the beautiful new logo you just spent thousands of dollars on. 💸

Remember what video marketers already know - YOU HAVE 3 SECONDS AND THEN THEY ARE GONE!

Even though good videos follow a story line, unlike a novel, social media stories do well when you give your audience a hint about the ending.

Nas Daily does this very well. His video marketing strategy focuses on most of his videos starting off by setting up the entire situation he is going to present to you.

He shows you a picture of a man and says “He stole my wallet” or Looks straight into the camera and states“15 hours, no food”.

You, the audience have an idea of what to expect. And instead of it being anticlimactic, instead of thinking, I know what's going to happen - you want to STICK AROUND to see the exact situation.

  • How was it that he had no food for 15 hours.

  • What happened with the man who stole his wallet?

PRO TIP: Knowing something actually makes you MORE curious.

Step 3: The Meat

Less is more.

Videos are not blog posts. (not that we have anything against blog posts. Hey this IS a blog post!) But videos and the written word are not the same medium.

Choose 1 to 2 important points and move on. 🏃‍♀🏃‍♂

The average NAS Daily uses only 154 words and is 60 seconds long! That is 1 minute.

Jay Shetty speaks in simple language, no fluff, no long intro.

BOOM - he gets to the heart of the matter usually before the minute mark.

One person - one story.

Video marketing magic.

Step 4: Call to Action or CTA

It’s true that if you’re as big as Nas Daily, you probably don’t need to tell people to engage with your video. But if you’re anyone else you need to TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY SHOULD DO NEXT.

You can do this by asking a specific question for them to answer in the comments.

Tell them to like or share your video.

Give them some way to connect to you and engage with your content.

So there you have it, the 4 steps to building a good video script which increases the likelihood that your video marketing plan will be successful.

But there is actually one more step.

Step 5: Don't Give Up

This might not seem like a real step, but it might actually be one of the most important.

Because it is going to take TIME to build up your following.

Instead use your videos to TEST, TEST and RETEST what IS working, and what is not.

RESOURCE: A great case study by Grow and Convert explores just this phenomenon - how long it will take before you see a ROI.

So don't get discouraged. Rome was not built in a day. Keep at it. Make those videos!

Just press record and start that video marketing plan.

Unsure of where to get started for topics.

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