7 Catchy Video Title Hacks

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

80% of people don’t bother reading past the title.

That means you need to write an amazing video titles as part of your video strategy, to get people to actually watch.

So, how do you do that?

We have all scrolled through our feeds, not really paying attention when BOOM, something catches our eye and we stop.

So how do you get your audience to STOP SCROLLING, click on and actually watch your videos?

PRO TIP: A little aside here - DO NOT write a title about something you are not writing about. If you click bait people and then don’t deliver, you’ll lose their trust. You know who I am talking about, those companies that promise you a skinnier waist in 7 minutes...

Instead use your video marketing powers for good not evil. Deliver what you say you are going to do.

And here they are - The 7 Tips that will Transform your Titles


The simplest way to grab people’s attention on social media channels is to have the title simply tell your audience what’s going to happen in your video. Like, in this title - you knew before you started reading that you were going to learn 7 title writing hacks. So you are primed and prepared to learn about titles for video marketing films when you read this.

Think about your own experiences - what videos are the ones that interest you to stop scrolling?

It’s the ones that tell you, straight off the bat, exactly what you’re going to get from pausing. No guessing- no build up.

So creating a title that tells people exactly what’s going to happen is a part of using video marketing best practices.


Humans are curious animals. We always want to answer a riddle or crack the code.

Starting your title off by posing it as a question will naturally spark your audience’s curiosity and compel them to want to find out more…

“How to tie a knot with one hand” or “Why you need a business coach”...

These are titles that stimulate our curiosity. We want to know the answer, so we’re intrigued enough to watch.

Check out this blog post for more ways to create great content


People like lists. We like to to know that there is a specific number of things that will be covered. Scientists call these numbers “brain candy” because they are easy to digest and we like to consume them.

PRO TIP: Make the number a single digit odd number. For some reason, people like those best. Titles like - 7 Things You Must Pack on Vacation or 5 Ways To Get Him To Say “I Love You” are good examples of video marketing titles that utilize this approach.

#4: USE 7-10 WORDS

Make the title easily digestible by keeping it between 7-10 words.

In fact, people’s eyes skim the first 3 and last 3 words, so make sure your KEY WORDS or triggers are in those areas.


NO: How to Get Your Boss to Listen to You When You Have a Good Idea

YES: How to Get Your Boss’s Buy-in at Work


These are words that make people feel some emotion- whether it’s happy, sad, jealous, greedy…😋😍😣😴😫😪

Examples of these type of words are:





“Scientifically proven “

If you want more examples of power words, just Google “power words and phrases” and you’ll find tons of examples that you can use for your video marketing campaign.


Lots of video marketers skimp on the title and just put a one-liner like “You need to be doing this!” or “The one thing you can’t live without!”

Keep in mind, writing a title like that for your social media video is kind of like taking the label off a can. No one will no what’s inside, so no one’s going to waste time trying to open it.

Sure, those titles might work for click-bait articles, but that’s not what we’re going for here.

Also, they usually only work for people who consistently put out good content, so I KNOW they’ll deliver - like Prince EA or Gary Vee. But if your audience doesn’t know YOU, don’t use those kind of titles for your video marketing content.

#7: THE 4 U's

Neil Patel recommends using 1 of the 4 U’s in your title. The 4 U’s are:

  • Unique

  • Ultra-specific

  • Urgency

  • Useful

Unique: make sure it isn’t copy and paste from somewhere else. The less generic it is, the more people like it. So for example: “5 Ingredients of a Scroll-Stopping Title” is better than “How to Write a Good Video Title

Ultra-specific: Frame the title by being clear about who it’s for.

Does your target audience need to do things on a budget? In a short amount of time? With one hand tied behind their back?

Be specific in the title about those things, and grab their attention more.

Ex: “How to make brownies from scratch in 5 minutes or “Design the perfect room for your six year old3 Digital marketing tips for beginners

Urgency: You don’t have to be creepy about it, but make people feel like right now is when they need this. If they don’t watch this video, they’ll miss out on important information, or feel sorry that the opportunity passed. FOMO works.

Ways You Can Get Rid of Your Sore Throat RIGHT NOW”

“6 Ways to Make a Million Dollars...that nobody knows about”

Useful: Show in your title how this information is practical, helpful, or worthwhile… whether it’s saving someone time or money, or giving them a short cut, or teaching them how to do something.

Like this title - Which software is best for animating explainer videos?

PRO TIP: The title is prime real estate.

Don’t waste this space on meaningless drivel.

Now you are ready to start cranking out those video titles and get moving on your video marketing strategy.

Still unsure if your title makes the cut?

Test yours out here!

Then share your best ones with me in the comments below

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