5 Ways to Look Confident on Camera

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You are not alone. Most people dread public speaking and talking on camera. (A whopping 75% have some degree of nervousness over this experience).

But that does not have to be YOU! Having confident body language can help you overcome your fears and at the same time make sure that even if you are quaking in your boots, no one will know. And if you want to get started with video marketing - you are going to need to get over yourself.


Your #1 Confidence Building Weapon

It’s the first thing people see and will tell them if you are a friend or foe, or a boring annoying person - Your Smile!

A real smile. Not the fake smile of just your lips moving but a full face smile that reaches up to your eyes and causes us to have wrinkles.

RESOURCE: We did not make this up! Check out Mark Bowden, world-renowned body language expert's YouTube Video entitled TEDx Toronto — The Importance Of Being Inauthentic. (Just listen to it.)

Anyway all this is important because your face (or someone else's face) is the first thing people look at (and look for) in a video.

And because 90% of communication is nonverbal.

And because first impressions matter.

And a first impression is primarily dependent upon your nonverbal signals.

Your brain stem makes snap judgement about people.

It divides them into 4 categories:

  • friend 😁

  • enemy/predator 🐱‍🐉

  • potential sexual partner 💋

  • indifferent 🤷‍♂️

The default category is indifferent.

Unless you are at a bar, or swiping on Tinder (TMI) you really want to fall into the category of FRIEND.

People will only pay attention when you get into that category of friend.

So a basic video marketing DO, to remember when you start your video marketing process is to smile and smile a lot.


Your #2 Confidence Building Weapon

Ok yeah, it sounds weird.

But when you flash your eyebrows at someone, they immediately feel like you are their friend, that you know each other already.

Animated eyebrows also signal that you are someone that is trustworthy and honest and that not only do you have something worthy to say, BUT your bushy brows' movement also mean you are a good listener.

A moving face, a face that shows emotion is a face that is accessing the often unused part of the 55% of communication that is registered through body language. (Which is way higher than the 7% that gets transmitted through words.)

And when you are planning your video marketing strategy you want to take advantage of every element you can that will increase your percentage of attracting someone's attention.

PRO TIP: Before you start filming practice telling a story just using facial expressions and no words.


Your #3 Confidence Building Weapon

Have an open body: Keep your hands open and relaxed at your side.

Open palms is an evolutionary signal that says that you “come unarmed”. When you have your hands open and in front of you, you are exposing your “truth plane”.

Also move your hands around. Movement is integral part of storytelling and sends signals to the listener that you are imparting important information they should take notice of.

Another video marketing filming technique centers on how to hold the rest of your body. You should have your shoulders slightly back, your neck extended and your chest out. (FYI this is great advice to taking photos too.

RESOURCE: Check out this great post on posture for photo shoots.

In addition to how you hold your body, remember eye contact is also critical. Keep strong, (but not creepy), eye contact. Since you are talking into a camera you are going to have to practice this so it appears natural. Also you want to hold your head straight and on level with the rest of your body.


Your #4 Confidence Building Weapon

Slow down your movements. Fast movements signal nervousness while slower movements signal confidence.

Video time is not real time, even though it seems like that. Think of movie time. Things only SEEM like they happen at the same pace, in reality, time online is NOT at all related to the clock on the wall.

Although you only have a short time (because no one is paying attention to you for more than a a few seconds at a time) in which to tell your story RUSHING through it not the way to fit in more information. You can't say everything at once anyway. Share one tip or bit of information at a time. In the case of video marketing less is more.


Your #5 Confidence Building Weapon

The placement of the camera can have a huge impact.

If the camera is a bit below the eye line, and you are looking down towards it, you feel more dominant. (Think of going to that first job interview you ever had where you sunk deeper and deeper into a chair that was already positioned below the interviewers.)

If the camera is a little above the eye line, you have to look up into the camera, diminishing you a little - as if you are a child asking for something.

Placing the camera at eye level will help your audience feel like you are talking directly to them, that you are on equal footing and this position will help them be the most engaged with your video content.

So there you have it. You don't have to actually have confidence, you just have to project confidence. Practicing all these techniques will improve your chances of dominating your video marketing challenges!

And by using these 5 tips you will feel better about your video performance, which of course in turn generates more confidence which improves your video marketing strategy.

So now that you know HOW to talk on your next video - let's work on your script.

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