5 Hacks to 2X Engagement on Facebook Videos

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If you feel like no one’s responding to your posts - it’s not just you.

93% of engagement on Facebook is ‘silent engagement’ which means, that most people aren’t interacting, sharing, commenting or liking as much as we want them to.

Which is a problem because in order for the FB algorithm to ‘promote’ your video on people’s news feeds, it looks at how much your video appeals to your audience.

The more people who watch, comment and like, click and your post, and watch it for more than 10 seconds, the more FB will promote your content and the more views you’ll be able to get...

So how can you maximize FB engagement

with a video marketing strategy?

Hack #1 Write an Interesting Post with a Title

"Really?" you say. "Uh, yeah, I think I got that."

It sounds like a no-brainer, but this is the simplest most powerful, overlooked tool.

Make the post interesting enough that people CLICK on it to read the whole thing.

And make sure you have a GREAT TITLE and you add an an introductory text.

Way too often people just post a video with no introductory text. This is a huge mistake;

your post is prime real estate and an easy way to get people to engage with your video before they even watch it!

Let's say you're sharing a tutorial, include in your post the reason why people should watch your video, and who exactly the video is for.

PRO TIP: Know your Target Audience

Even if you’re sharing something that's just funny or entertaining content, include in the TEXT of the post clues to why it’s worth my time. On FB people are scrolling and looking at 100 miles a minute - if you can get them to stop, even for a moment, chances are they will click to read or see more. Check out how we did this in our video.

Hack #2 Use a 3 Second Hook

Audience retention is also considered engagement. So if you can hook your audience in the first 3 seconds, they’re much more likely to stick around for longer.

DON’T start off the video with a logo, or a scenic shot. Instead start off with a bang, whether you’re introducing the topic or just diving right into the story itself.

Even if you have a really awesome video, if you don’t hook your audience in the first 3 seconds, they won’t stay to see how great it is.

And if you can get them past the 10 second mark, you’re already gotten them to engage with your content in a meaningful way. And the algorithm takes notice.

That's why TwoHeads states right away what the video will be about as part of our video marketing concept.

PRO TIP: if you include a person or a face in the first 3 seconds, it significantly increases the probability that your audience will watch for longer!

Hack #3 Add Text

This is a game changer. If you can add subtitles, great, since most people aren’t watching with the audio on and they’ll stick around for longer if there are subtitles.

But any text is good - even if you’re just adding a big title bar at the top. In fact, videos with text on Facebook get a 28% higher completion rate than videos that don’t have text.

If you want to learn how to easily add text to your videos for free, then check out this tutorial.

Hack #4 Answer a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

And tag the people who’ve asked it.

Research your target audience and find out what they want to hear more about. Then, when you post a video on that topic, tag them and say Hey, here’s an answer to that question you asked”.

This made people 3X as likely to actually watch the video, share it or engage with our posts. Not to mention that it built up their trust in TwoHeads, so that the next time we posted a video, they were much more likely to watch the new one, as they already knew we would provide valuable information.

Hack #5 Share in RELEVANT Facebook Groups or your personal page

Ok, this one you need to be careful about - you should NOT be spamming groups or sharing every single video to your personal feed, since it can become a little too much.

But, groups and your personal page are a great way to get organic reach, and hopefully give more people the opportunity to engage with your video.

This is the last one because you need to do ALL the other steps first.

If you just reshare the video, it won’t have any impact.

Remember use the first 4 hacks so that when you do repost in a group or on your page, it’s relevant and valuable to your audience.

Increasing engagement on your Facebook videos doesn’t have to be crazy or hard, you just have to know how to play the Facebook video marketing game.

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