4 Free Ways to add Subtitles to your Video

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

No one is going to watch your video if it doesn’t have subtitles.

Sorry not sorry. 😮😬

Subtitles make the difference between a successful video that has the potential to be seen by millions, or a tree that fell in the forest and NO ONE HEARD IT (they had the sound off and were scrolling).

And because 85% of Facebook and LinkedIn videos are watched without sound.

Which means that if you’re conveying something important, but it’s through your audio…it’s like you HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING.


So here are 4 (+1) FREE Subtitle Apps

Adding subtitles - or closed captions - is the best way to grab your audience's attention, and increase watch time.

In fact, adding subtitles/closed captions will increase your video’s engagement rate, audience retention and shares by a whopping 15%.

Because when you post a video, you want people to actually watch it. Or your video marketing campaign will not add up to much.

PRO TIP: Make sure you use #closedcaptions when you tag your LINKEDIN videos. It increases your reach.

#1 Clips App (or Autocaps for Android)

Clips App is for Iphone and AutoCaps is for Android

The best use for this app is for talking head videos - that kind that just featuring your face and not much more


There are many recordings of how to use it.



You can only film vertically and can only edit around a minute

You can record videos on your phone while you are talking,

or film footage and edit it later!

#2 Facebook Automatic Captions

Many people don’t know this but you can use Facebook to automatically put captions on the videos you upload.

Here is the link from FB on how to do that.

If the FB directions are not detailed enough for you, Animoto (another app) offers a step by step explanation with screen shots - Check it out here.

Best used for videos that are meant for Facebook and you don’t have time to subtitle



Simple to use

Automatically generates pretty accurate text

Can be edited directly on Facebook


Only plays if video is watched without sound

Can't reuse the subtitled version anywhere else (which is kind of a bummer)

#3 Veed

Best used for short social media videos that are less than 1 minute (just what you should be making right now!)



Has an extensive blog

Easy to use

Adds new tools often

You can edit and add subtitles with the same program


Only supports desktop (not an app for your phone, so you have to upload video to your computer - for some people this is actually a pro!)

Small watermark added

#4 Kapwing

Best for most short video needs the one we use the most



You can auto generate subtitles or write them in yourself

You can make collages and memes and resize (another words lots of editing choices here)


Can only upload 50 mb video for free version which is pretty short

Doesn't always auto generate,

Can’t move position of text too much

Can be glitchy


A new app that we haven’t had a chance to try out. It is FREE to use, and many of our Twitter friends recommended it. Let us know if you have had experience with it and how it is.

There you have it - FIVE FREE applications that let you add subtitles to your video!

Which one you’re going to use to improve your video marketing strategy?

Prefer the video? Watch it now for a full tutorial

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