3 Reasons you NEED a YouTube Channel

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You might be asking yourself if starting a YouTube Channel is really worth it?

Isn't YouTube too crowded already?

What will it do for you or your business anyway?

Will anyone even SEE your videos?

Do you have to have a video marketing strategy?

Excellent questions, Kesha. (Anyone else remember the Magic School bus and Ms. Frizzle?)

The short answer is YES.

Even though it 2020, you still need to start a YouTube channel today.


For 3 simple reasons

1. SEO and Ranking

2. Lead Generation

3. Brand Positioning

Reason #1 - SEO and Ranking - YouTube is a Search Engine

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (behind Google). Just think about that for a moment. People who know nothing about you, can FIND YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE, by searching YouTube for someone who has the information they want.

And why shouldn't that someone be you!

YouTube videos improve your Google Ranking which improves your video marketing ROI.

YouTube is owned by Google so it stands to reason that having YouTube videos connected to your business and website will help you rank higher on Google also.

For example if you Google something and there is a video on that topic, the video will rank before any websites do. Thus video marketing is a clear path to improving your brand awareness, your Google ranking and your business's search-ability.

PRO TIP: Google promotes YouTube videos FIRST.

Reason #2 Lead Generation

Since YouTube is a place where people are going to find answers to their questions in video format, having a video marketing plan means that means a whole new audience could potentially be finding your business!

On the other social media platforms you are stuck with new people finding you through #hashtag searches and the audience you have grown over time.

To be found on YouTube you only have to make sure your videos are optimized for search. You can even rank on the first page of YouTube with zero subscribers! (That's right - check out how to do that right here.)

That means you can gain serious leads from customers who have never even heard of you before but are merely searching for the answer to their questions.

Therefore any video marketing strategy for businesses must include posting your videos on YouTube. (and it won't even have to add to your video marketing budget because posting on YouTube is absolutely FREE)

Reason #3 Brand Positioning


People specifically go on YouTube to learn more about a topic and to find out how to do things.

Therefore there is no better place in the digital marketing of your company to develop thought leadership ideas, then on your YouTube channel.

You can re-post webinars, podcasts, and your CEO's holiday speech on YouTube. You can showcase videos that offer teachings and trainings on topics your target audience is disparately looking for.

You can also include links to opt-ins or connect to your website, or lead people to a Facebook Group or webinar.

A YouTube channel is like a spectacular landing page you didn't even have to create.

And a great way to to get people to connect with you on other platforms, or join your sales funnel.

Build Trust

People are on YouTube looking to connect with a ‘real person'.

Audiences want to have an emotional connection with their favorite brands and a great way to do that is through video marketing because you are seeing REAL people interacting with a brand.

40% of Millennials say that their favorite YouTuber understands them more than their best friend.

Brands like Lego, Nike, etc. use this method very well. Their YouTube channel features real people doing real things - which builds trust and connection with their audience.

Humongous companies like HSBC have created YouTube channels as part of their video marketing strategy, like Life at HSBC, that feature the real lives of their employees, to make their brand more approachable to a diverse group of people.

People make decisions based on emotion. Trust is the single most important emotion when it comes to making a purchase.

PRO TIP: Video marketing done right enables your customers to trust your brand, and trust increases engagement.

Ready to take your video marketing strategy to the next level and build trust with your customers? Watch this new video about how to plan your video marketing content for 2020.

RESOURCE: Interested in finding out more about HSBC's super successful YouTube channel and how it is part of their video marketing strategy? Here is an informative article that really explains how and why this channel came about.
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