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A digital mini-course by      

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Generate more leads for your business,

without needing to spend more time away from it.  

Learn the easy step-by-step process to harnessing the power of social media video to grow your business for just

  $50  $24.99!

Stop chasing customers, and learn how to get them to reach out to you

“Our inbound leads as a result of video have grown triple digits and our reputation... has increased significantly.

A big thanks to TwoHeads for showing us the formula for success."

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Joseph Landes,

Chief Revenue Officer,


Stand out in a crowded industry, and have people know you by name!

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Bayla Haskel

Owner & Vegan Chef

Veg It Out

“[This] helped me make my first videos to launch my cookbook…[It] gave me the confidence to do more videos...and show my personality, which has become a differentiator for my brand...You guys seriously catapulted me to where I am now. Thank you!”

Learn exactly what you need to feel confident to get started with video.

No confusion, no fluff. 

“I got every single practical and theoretical tool on how to plan, create and film video content. There is nothing that I didn’t get in this course. I was empowered by the course to actually start creating videos. I’ve gained so much knowledge and know-how...AND IT WORKS. My business has tripled. I am indebted to TwoHeads.”

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Yoni Alpert


Alpert Digital

Aliza Hughes

Course Instructor & Head of Community

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This digital mini-course is made up of 5 sections.

Each section includes:

  • A short informative video 

  • A PDF with in-depth explanations, diagrams and examples

  • A template you can use to make the process fast and simple 


In this easy-to-consume format, you’ll learn our unique video creation system, so you can translate your expertise into videos that attract the right customer.

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Mini-Course Curriculum:


Choosing Your Topics:

  • Video: Why is choosing the right video topic so important?

  • PDF: Step-by-step breakdown for coming up with the "right" video topics 

  • Template: Video topics brainstorm worksheet



  • Video: How to use your video script to capture your audience’s attention

  • PDF: The 3 key elements that make an engaging social media video script 

  • Template: The Fool Proof 15-minute scripting template



  • Video: The truth about filming gear

  • PDF: DIY equipment and ‘studio’ set up for filming professional looking footage with just your phone

  • Guide: Complete filming checklist



  • Video: How to choose the right video editing platform for you

  • PDF: How to quickly and easily edit your videos so they stand out

  • Guide: How to edit in Adobe Premiere, Clipchamp, and Inshot

  • Bonus guide: Step-by-step guide to adding subtitles to your videos



  • Video: How to choose the right platform for posting your video

  • PDF: Best practices for posting your video to Facebook, Instagram and  LinkedIn

  • Guide: Social media video best practices

Is this mini-course for you?


  • You are a small business owner, entrepreneur or coach 

  • You have an expertise you want to share with the world

  • You want potential customers to know who you are, and be ready to pay you for your knowledge and time

  • You’re not afraid to put yourself out there, even if it’s a little uncomfortable  

Invest in the future of your business for only

   $50   $24.99!