Over 14,000 Watch Time Minutes

in Less than 3 Months 



Nerdio is a cloud management and automation company in Chicago, IL.


As a startup, they were looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in the IT service provider and cloud space.


They understood that videos needed to be an important part of their strategy, but were unsure how to jump-start the process.


They wanted to be able to consistently create video content that would engage their audience, in an efficient manner, and without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on video production.


  1. To develop a video strategy that can easily be implemented by the Nerdio Marketing team

  2. To develop the capacity to create video content in-house

  3. To create optimized video content that increases leads to organic content

  4. To position the CEO and Nerdio as thought leaders in the cloud space among their target audience


  1. Develop the video strategy for Nerdio’s marketing team to manage the video creation workflow with existing resources

  2. Train marketing team in all aspects of video creation and distribution

  3. Optimize Nerdio’s YouTube channel for search ranking and lead generation to their website

Key results after first 2 months:

  1. Nerdio’s marketing team is self-sufficiently scripting, filming and editing 2 pieces of video content a week using internal resources

  2. Several videos rank on the first page of YouTube search, as well as the first page of Google

  3. 250% increase in the average number of views per month to their YouTube channel 

  4. Over 14,000 watch time minutes added to Nerdio’s YouTube channel

  5. 10x increase in engagement on Linkedin videos posted natively

  6. Increased number of leads from YouTube

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